Thursday, October 1, 2009


One thing I've decided I really want is good lighting. I've seen tons of pictures of weddings that look beautiful because of the lighting!

Specifically, I've been dreaming about having what I'll call "Italian Bistro Lighting" at my wedding. Think of strings of off-white/yellowish lights (NOT white christmas lights) that give off a soft glow. That's what I want! If you can't picture it, don't worry. About two or three months ago I started gathering together pictures of what I was looking for, and made an inspiration board!


Out of the pictures included in the inspiration board, this one is one of my favorites:

I like how the lights give it a romantic look, but at the same time, it looks like a fun Italian family dinner (maybe? I don't really know...)!! But anyway, I love it so much that I've decided that I need this type of lighting on my patio/terrace when I have my own house. Seriously! I can't wait...

Now, as I mentioned above, I've been thinking/dreaming about this lighting for quite a while now. So, when me and Ryan were in Italy, I kept my eyes peeled for some real-life inspiration! I actually didn't see as many examples as I was expecting, but I did happen to find a GREAT example in Venice! Check out these lights:

I love it! I was so excited when we found these lights as we were wondering back to our hotel one night. They are not 100% going to make an appearance at the wedding, but I am definitely keeping them in mind as we look at venues...

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